It Was Written

My husband sends me motivating articles from time to time (isn't he awesome), and as I was cleaning out my email, and I came across this particular blog post he sent me from last year. Yes, January of last year. I finally took the time to actually read it, and the message couldn't have come at a better time. To sum things up, Panama Jackson of is basically telling me that if I want to write, just write; and do it often. It doesn't matter who is reading it now, the eyes will come later. But if writing is something that truly makes you happy (which it does), just do it on a consistent basis. Be authentic - don't try to be the next Zora or Maya, and believe in the power of re-writes. 

One of my key takeaways is,"Write drunk, edit sober." That first draft won't be perfect, but all that matters is that you wrote it down. So that's what I pledge to do here. Thank you hubby, and thank you Panama.