The Righteous Butter

Yoooo....this sh!t right here! Right here?! Man oh man I have stumbled upon greatness. I'm really big on moisturizers, butters, any type of cream in general, so when I randomly found this new staple, I knew I had to share it with everyone. I'm the person that everyone asks for lotion; because they know I will have it. In my everyday purse, I usually carry two types of moisturizers: one expensive one that I don't share, and a regular one that I have on deck just in case someone asks. My expensive one is usually something from L'Occitane,  and my regular, schmegular one is typically a small bottle of Jergens from the Target travel section. 

Most recently, I have been using Lollia Dream as my expensive moisturizer, but Oprah added it to her Favorite Things list and it is currently sold out. Thus started my quest for a replacement. While waiting in the checkout line at Ulta, I perused their trial size section that no one can avoid. You damn near have to walk over, through, under and around it, just to get to the cashier.  I was about to grab a small container of a butter from The Body Shop just to pacify me until I had the time to purchase another L'Occitane butter, when I came across The Righteous Butter. That's literally what it's called. The pink packaging caught my eye, and the imagery on the little container reminded me of something from Benefit Cosmetics. Very pinup style, 50's beauty standards. So basically a black and white image of a white woman in high-waist underwear and hair rollers. Since it was my turn to pay, I just grabbed it and checked out.

Once I used it - OMG! This butter is so soft and silky, and it just makes me feel decadent as a mutha. It has a slight floral scent; which is fine, but the best part is that its only $4! I went to Walgreen's later that week for something else, and I noticed that they had a whole Soap & Glory display with all of the company's products. I didn't have time to check it out; because...Mom life...but I grabbed another just because. It's only $4! I did a little more research, and their products are available at Ulta, Walgreen's and TJ Maxx just to name a few. The $4 tub is only 1.69 oz, but they also have a 10.1 oz size for $15 among many other body scrubs, face washes and cosmetics. 

I'm still going to purchase my Lollia Dream once it restocks since I really love that scent, but in the meantime, The Righteous Butter is a great placeholder.