Once Gone

This particular book was something else. The author really set a vivid tone for the story as soon as you begin to read. I could tell by the cover art that the book was going to be a little gory, but the author; Blake Pierce really takes you there. 

Once Gone is the first in the Riley Page Mystery series and follows a depressed and broken special agent that is currently on leave following her last assignment. The story takes place in rural Virginia, where women keep turning up dead in an unusual way. Riley was almost one of those victims and barely escaped with her life as she was saving another woman. Due to this encounter, she has been spending the majority of her day being a shell of her former self to her daughter, ex-husband and partner. When the serial killer strikes again, her partner calls on her to solve the case in a way in only she can. 

Of course being back at the job on this type of case brings up old memories and Riley is having a hard time solving the case before the killer claims another victim. Even though Riley almost loses her life again, she is eventually able to mend her failing relationships piece everything back together in her life. 

This thriller was another quick read, and I'm interesting on seeing where the author takes Riley's character.