The Debt Collector

The Debt Collector is the second book I finished for my 2018 Goodreads Challenge. The Debt Collector is the first book in the series from author Jon Mills, and was another free download from Barnes and Noble. I personally gave this book a generous three stars, and it seems as though this rating was above average according the the Goodreads website. 

The Debt Collector centers on Jack Winchester, a hitman for a New Jersey crime family. Jack has just been released from prison where he was serving time for a hit gone wrong. During his stint, he is determined to walk away from "the life" upon his release. Once out, he pays a visit to his former boss and is forced to take one last job, but ends up falling for the woman connected to the assignment. 

As the story follows Jack to finish the job and leave his criminal past behind, it briefly touches on his rocky childhood which led him to his current emotional state. Jack struggles to maintain a healthy relationship because of the lack of love he received from his parents, which drove him to a life of crime. Without giving away the ending, I have to say that there was a surprising twist at the end. 

There were times where I wanted the book to hurry up and end, because I felt like the story was dragging on. As Jack's relationship with his love interest began to grow, I became more interested in the author's elaborate description of the woman instead of the plot. Fortunately the book did eventually end in an unexpected way, but I was relieved that it ended. I don't think that I will be in a rush to read the next book in the series, but if I came across a free copy, I would give it a chance.