Mom Life Is The Best Life.....

Since I became a mother over four years ago, there is a healthy balance of wanting to pull my hair out for a plethora of reasons, and just basking in the amazement at some of the things my children say and do. Remember when your mother, grandmother, uncle, etc. would always say, "You are something else!" I never understood what that meant until now. Sometimes your children just say things a certain way or do things at a particular time that make you want to laugh, cry, or both. And you just say to yourself, where did this child come from? They are something else. 

Since Christmas was about two weeks ago, my kids are still enjoying all of their new toys. One of the toys my four year-old received was a "smart watch" from his Godfather. It is pretty much the kid version of an Apple Watch without the internet. It can record voices, take pictures, has games, etc. The actual face of the watch can alternate from a picture, to a random screensaver, to a digital clock and an analog clock. Since we live in a digital age, my child has only learned to tell time digitally - for now. Because of this, my child loves to inform us of the time minute by minute.

One time in particular I noticed that the updates stopped for a while. When I asked him what the time was, he said,"I don't know what the time is because there is a clock on my watch."