Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Chicken Stuffed Baked Sweet Potato

This past weekend, in preparation for our meals for the week, my husband and I were trying to figure out what we wanted to eat for the next couple of days. As I was perusing Pinterest, and thinking about what we already had in the house, I noticed that we had several Sweet Potatoes and I started looking for ways to re-purpose them. Outside of making them a side dish, I never really saw it as a main dish type of food. With this new year, I would like to make a move to living a meat-less or less meat life. My husband isn't quite on board yet, so we have been making some compromises.

Last night's meal actually wasn't too bad. I threw out the idea of a stuffed sweet potato and literally threw him my phone with the search results on Pinterest. From there he chose baked sweet potatoes stuffed with BBQ chicken, and topped with cheese. I was very hesitant as first; the combination of sweet potatoes, BBQ chicken, and cheese really threw me for a loop, but I decided to go with it. My husband and I usually take internet recipes with a grain of salt (maybe more than that because they don't really call for any seasonings), and use them as a guide.

To that point, we used the recipe below, with some tweaks. I have to say that the final product was better than expected. I did cringe a little when I saw how much cheese was on the sweet potatoes, but everything came together at the end. The recipe only calls for Sweet Baby Ray's on the chicken, with a little salt, pepper and nutmeg on the cooked potato, so I recommend seasoning the chicken a little before adding the sauce. We also made four potatoes at a time with two boneless chicken breasts, to have a few meals for the week.  It's definitely something I would make/eat again.