20 Questions - January 2018

  1. Soooo....is blue hair is the new trend now?
  2. Is Trick Daddy OK?
  3. Will Rumi and Sir Carter make their official debut on Tidal or HBO?
  4. Why is ANTM coming back?? With Tyra?? 
  5. Why is American Idol coming back?
  6. What is The Four
  7. Were we supposed to believe that Maria's New Year's Eve wedding was genuine?
  8. What stunts will Blac Chyna pull this year?
  9. What are you wearing to the Black Panther premiere?
  10. What is going on with Tamar and Vince?
  11. Why is Gilbert Arenas so petty?
  12. What doctor performed Antonio Cromartie's vasectomy? 
  13. Why does Fetty Wap hate condoms? 
  14. Do we really need new music from Xscape
  15. Or Lil' Mo?
  16. Have you checked out Dru Hill's Christmas album though?
  17. Why are Gucci and Keyshia so tacky
  18. How are you going to ban weed at Coachella when its legal in California?
  19. Why is Kendu so damn trifling? 
  20. When does Atlanta come back??