Cause I Slay

Still recovering from Beychella last Saturday. I've been to several Beyonce performances and she continues to amaze me. Every. Single. Time. How does she do it? Outside of Michael Jackson and Prince, who else can command the crowds the way she does? There isn't a male or female alive that sings, dances, and puts together a whole experience like a Beyonce performance. It utterly amazes me every time. Beyonce mentioned that she came up with the concept for her Coachella performance while she was pregnant. In the words of Cardi B, it must be "the strength of the fetus." 

Aside from giving us HBCU homecoming fever and game day nostalgia, sis brought the fashions. She came to slay in Balmain from head to toe. Here are a couple of her custom looks below, and check out FashionBombDaily for an extensive recap.