20 Questions - March 2018 (I know I'm Late)

  1. Does Kris Jenner send her daughters out as bait so she can eventually manage their boyfriends and husbands?
  2. Where was PETA when that dog died on the airplane?
  3. Where can Erica Mena go from here?
  4. So is Mimi a full fledged lesbian now?
  5. How long are Rasheeda and Kirk going to drag out this story line?
  6. Who will be Evelyn Lozada's new conquest?
  7. When will Tiffany Haddish stop running her mouth?
  8. When will Matthew Knowles stop running his?
  9. Soooo is Rihanna going to release any new music?
  10. Did Stacey Dash really think she was going to win?
  11. Did Tyrone really think he was going to get away with it?
  12. How far will Kim go to get her peach back?
  13. Do we all know the meaning of Acrimony now?
  14. Why is ANTM still on the air?
  15. And how do your bones itch?
  16. Do you remember this Tostito's commercial with Meghan Markle?
  17. Who is taking Angela Simmon's pictures?
  18. Will Chrissy ever leave Jimmy? 
  19. Is Cardi going to postpone her Coachella performance due to her pregnancy just like Beyonce?
  20. Will Bey and Jay release a joint album this year?