20 Questions - May

  1. Why is Taylor Swift still relevant?
  2. Why is Lena Dunham?
  3. Why is Jennifer still wearing colored contacts?
  4. Did anyone else tear up after watching the Whitney trailer?
  5. How many kids does Fetty Wap have?
  6. Does Jennifer Lopez age?
  7. When is Iyanla going to fix Blac Chyna's life?
  8. Can we all just leave Cardi B alone before she goes into early labor?
  9. Why must they take everything?
  10. Is B.J. Novak Mindy Kaling's baby daddy?
  11. Can we add Azealia Banks to the prayer list?
  12. And Teairra Mari?
  13. So Pepa couldn't find anyone else to date?
  14. Or is this a publicity stunt for their upcoming tour?
  15. Doesn't this John Cena/Nikki Bella ordeal feel like a big publicity stunt?
  16. Is Karrueche having the best summer ever?
  17. Do you believe Tristan's reason for cheating?
  18. What's going on with the Govan sisters and their exes?
  19. Will Bill Cosby make it to his sentencing?
  20. Are you ready for Insecure season 3?