Are You Proud of Who You Are?

I recently (as in yesterday) started watching the FX series Pose. The television program takes an in-depth look at the ball culture of New York City. It highlights stories of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, young adults who have been rejected by their family after revealing their sexual preference, and the rise of luxury lifestyles in the 80s. Originally debuting on June 3rd, this series had perfect timing since people all over the world are currently celebrating gay liberation for the entire month of June. As I found myself getting emotional during the pilot episode, this series struck a chord with me and I finally figured out why. The premise of the show is to tell the stories of individuals that have been rejected by their loved ones, and have come together to create a new supportive space for one another. The characters live in “houses,” complete with house mothers and other people that are no longer accepted by their family. As a mother, it hurt my soul to see all of these struggling children literally living on the streets because they have nowhere else to go. They are thrown away and discarded because their idea of love is seen as different and unacceptable.

This of course led me to another thought for Thursday - are you living your truest life? Is there anything about yourself that you are hiding, and are afraid to become exposed? I recently attended a conference with over 10,000 attendees, so I saw a lot of people in the course of fours days to say the least. As I people watched, the common theme that I noticed was people just being their true self in their skin; and they were the happiest people I’ve ever seen in my life. When you’re able to “do you,” without offending anyone, I think that is the best way to enjoy life. I paid a compliment to a young man in fur pants (in 90 plus degree heat), and the joy on his face after receiving that compliment truly made my day.

As I am learning this parenting thing one day at a time, I want to make sure that my sons never feel as though they have to hide their true self. Yes, my oldest prefers Minnesota sports teams over Philadelphia, but I’m not going to shun him for his decisions. My husband will just be the one purchasing all of Timberwolves, Twins, and Vikings paraphernalia. Even though my favorite color is purple. There are a few days left in Pride month, but June shouldn’t be the only time that we are proud of who we are. Celebrate each and every quirky characteristic that you were born with.