20 Questions - June 2018

  1. What has Omarosa been up to?
  2. Is Teyana Taylor the new Jackie Christie?
  3. Isn't it clear that Drake has a type?
  4. Why is Kathy Griffin telling Kevin Hart how to do his job?
  5. Do we really need to see Dumbo live?
  6. Do we really need another season of Hit The Floor?
  7. Do we really need a How High sequel?
  8. Does TV need The Conners?
  9. Did we forget that Karli Redd was a rapper?
  10. Why didn't Ed Sheeran learn from Robin Thicke and Pharell?
  11. Can we stop stealing the youth from our Black children?
  12. What is going on with The Braxtons?
  13. Soooo did Offset just confirm to cheating on his wife and not his fiancee?
  14. Why is Nelly so salty?
  15. Why is Nicki?
  16. When are Ghost and Tasha going to whoop Tariq's ass?
  17. Why is Tami so petty?
  18. Can this trend die in 2018? Please?
  19. Are we finally giving Lee Daniels the side-eye for his questionable business practices?
  20. Who dafuq is trying to come for Queen Maxine??