Baby Girl *Timbaland Voice*

"Are you going to try for a girl?

"Two boys?! When is the girl coming?"

These are the questions people ask me at least once a week when they realize that I have two little boys, and I am not pregnant with a girl. I hear this question so often, that I started to question my own uterus. Should I try for a girl? Are two healthy boys not enough? Is our family not complete? The more I think about it, this question is just as rude and inconsiderate as the, "when are you going to have kids" question. 

I really don't have much to say at this point, but it has really taken me off guard. I had to sit with myself and wonder if I really wanted another child (male or female) or if I was just succumbing to societal pressures to have both a boy and a girl. I rather enjoy being the Queen of the Castle, and the way my genes are setup, if the Lord blesses us with another child, it will probably be another boy anyway (which I am totally fine with). As each day passes in Trump's America, I am still shocked by the audacity of the human spirit. Why would you even fix your mouth to ask that type of personal question? To that point, don't ask me, or anyone else if they are going to have children. I have been blessed to have had no issues conceiving, healthy pregnancies, healthy labor and deliveries,  but we don't know what the next person is going through. Just keep your inquiries to yourself and mind your business.